Our new building

LCHS bldg

Our new facility is a concrete masonry and metal panel building. The adoption wing includes 20 indoor/outdoor kennels as well as separate indoor spaces for kittens, cats, puppies, and small dogs. The intake wing has 16 indoor/outdoor kennels and separate indoor spaces for sick, and intake puppies/small dogs, cats, and kittens, as well as a separate space for nursing moms. This arrangements improves the overall health of the animals in the shelter by minimizing the contact between intake/sick animals and adoption-ready animals.

Careful consideration was given to minimizing the stress of the animals by providing soundproofing and natural light in each of the kennels. All of the animals are housed in an air conditioned, heated and ventilated space with access to outside runs as well as concrete play yards. The outdoor runs are convered to provide shelter from the elements while giving the animals access to the outdoors. The doors between the indoor kennels and the outdoor runs were offset to provide an area free from drafts while the animals are resting/sleeping.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, and fundraisers like the "Paws Ball",
we were able to turn our dream of a new building into a reality!